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Free Mediation Services in Albuquerque

Everyone deserves to have reliable legal help, regardless of their current financial means. Going through a divorce is usually difficult on a personal level, and it’s very common for that difficulty to have ripple effects on one’s finances. Hiring a lawyer is not always a realistic option for everyone. ABQ Facilitation understands that. 

It’s why every Monday, our founding partner, Attorney Michelle Cortez, can be found at the Second Judicial District Court, on Lomas Boulevard in Albuquerque, offering free mediation services to spouses going through a divorce. To qualify for Mediation Mondays, you must file a motion requesting mediation. Alternatively, if you have an upcoming hearing, ask your judge if you qualify for mediation Monday. Mediation is only for low-income parties without attorneys.

Mediation Mondays is a program that makes good legal counsel available to all, regardless of need, and can help reduce the logjam in family court by allowing more divorcing spouses to reach a negotiated settlement. People who want to learn more, and attorneys who may want to give back to the community by participating.

How a Mediator Can Help

When a marriage comes to end, it’s often because communication between the spouses is at an impasse. The issues that have to get resolved in a divorce settlement may involve significant give-and-take, especially if children are involved. Finding solutions necessarily involves communication. 

The mediator is a neutral third party, allowing them to gain the trust of both parties. As a third party, the mediator can take a unique view on issues where the spouses may be deadlocked. Sometimes, the best viewing angle comes from being further away. The mediator can take that angle, while the spouses are looking at everything close-up. 

Furthermore, a mediator has the advantage of having worked on numerous divorce cases prior to this. In the case of Attorney Cortez, she has over 27 years of experience helping couples resolve their differences as amicably as possible. With every resolved case comes new insights into potential solutions and the means of opening dialogue. Those means can now benefit the clients that come to the courthouse on Monday. 

Client Reviews

    The tireless work that Michelle Cortez provided was by far the most professional, compassionate, and efficient experience.

    - Sonya

    Michelle is a very passionate lawyer who puts in the work at every stage of a case to setup good results for her clients

    - Daniel

    I would highly recommend her to anyone!

    - Jeanette

    If you are looking for a fair and efficient mediated resolution to your legal issues, I highly recommend you contact Michelle.

    - Pamela F.

    She is thoughtful, fair, and will listen to both parties with care, concern and the upmost respect for you.

    - Anney S.

    I have 100% faith that things will get better for my children and I with her help.

    - Rena P.

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Attorney Cortez believes that access to a mediator should not be dependent on financial means. That’s why she started the Mediation on Mondays pilot program. Spouses can get the advantage of a highly experienced and qualified lawyer through our free mediation services in Albuquerque. 

Come on down to the Second Judicial District Court in Albuquerque. We’d love to hear from you. 

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